We are having a problem with the wages, when I set-up each employee, there is a wage component [Normal pay] (taxable & with super) plus ministry expense [Allowances] (non-taxable & with super) plus Employee mortgage [Allowances] (non-taxable, no super) less Employee Allowances [Deductions] (non-taxable, no super).

Super is set-up for 9% of pre-tax amount, but only calculates on wage component. I have tried setting up a manual super for each employee but the payslip will not confirm. I have tried putting wage, min expense, employee allowances & mortgage in the wage sector but only hourly rate is available not fixed amount(which needs to be automatically entered).


The standard SGC super of 9% should be added to the employee's record. This is done on the options tab under the heading "Super Types". It should be type = Super, Rate% = 9 and Min MG to $450. Min MG means they only get super once they earn more than that amount each month. Adding this item will ensure that they get 9% of their wage in standard super.
Then using the Super Yes / No toggle on allowances and deductions will provide for additional super as set by the yes/no.

If on the employee record options tab under the heading "Super Details" a fund is not selected then that is when the payslip cannot be confirmed when it has super. The reason is that the super is created as a bill to the super fund and the system cannot create the bill without a fund being nominated